First of all, I’m not here to judge. I’ve done my time as a web design freelancer, and I’ve made my share of mistakes and created some pretty bad websites in the process. …

Want to break through that invisible barrier between tech support and technical corporate? I did it. Now you can too.

1. Learn on the cheap

I’m starting with this because it’s something you’re probably already doing.

Anyone who wants to transition to a different field knows that they’ll have to acquire the base level of…

What is product appropriation?

The most common understanding of appropriation today is cultural appropriation, typically where people from a dominant culture inappropriately copy or use customs (like hair or clothing styles) from a minority culture without acknowledging their origins.

Luckily, appropriation has more positive connotations in design & product, where it refers to people…

Need to understand APIs really fast? Here’s a crash course on the very basics.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) provides a way for a developer to connect to and exchange information with an existing program or service without having back-end access to the program.

It’s a method of creating external…

Angela Blake

Product Manager at GoDaddy. Writing for people who want to grow their career in tech.

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