I reviewed over 300 web designer & developer business sites and found some serious mistakes they probably didn’t even know they were making.

First of all, I’m not here to judge. I’ve done my time as a web design freelancer, and I’ve made my share of mistakes and created some pretty bad websites in the process. It wasn’t until I became the end-user that I realized some of the design choices I made were problematic.

I want to help you take a step back and see what it looks like from the visitor’s end.

The “Why” behind this website review

When GoDaddy’s Pro Connect shut down, we had to find new ways to work with the members and help them find clients. But first, we had to determine which…

Want to break through that invisible barrier between tech support and technical corporate? I did it. Now you can too.

1. Learn on the cheap

I’m starting with this because it’s something you’re probably already doing.

Anyone who wants to transition to a different field knows that they’ll have to acquire the base level of knowledge expected for that field.

What makes my advice different? I won’t recommend a degree program or expensive boot camp. It’s almost always unnecessary, regardless of what you’re seeing on job postings. …

Does it seem counterintuitive to intentionally build a product for misuse? Phone manufacturers probably never thought their devices would become their users’ primary camera either.

What is product appropriation?

The most common understanding of appropriation today is cultural appropriation, typically where people from a dominant culture inappropriately copy or use customs (like hair or clothing styles) from a minority culture without acknowledging their origins.

Luckily, appropriation has more positive connotations in design & product, where it refers to people using a product in a way that the creators didn’t originally intend. You’ve probably seen evidence of appropriation (or even done it yourself) without thinking about it.

Examples of good appropriation

A prime example is Excel. It’s a spreadsheet tool, but it’s so versatile that people use it for any number of different purposes…

Need to understand APIs really fast? Here’s a crash course on the very basics.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) provides a way for a developer to connect to and exchange information with an existing program or service without having back-end access to the program.

It’s a method of creating external access points for pre-programmed functions.

Throughout this guide, I’ll often refer to the program/service accessed by the API as “program” or “original program” and the developer/application using the API as “developer,” “application,” or “developer’s application.”

Common examples

  • Posting/Messaging: Facebook has a very popular API that allows developers to create a bot to…

Angela Blake

Product Manager at GoDaddy. Writing for people who want to grow their career in tech.

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